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Dillon Manufacturing is proud to offer a line of high-quality boring rings for those in the manufacturing sector for use with soft jaws and full-grip jaws.

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Boring Rings

Are you looking for a boring ring that will help increase
your company’s productivity levels?

Our team can provide you with a number of jaw boring
rings that work cohesively with our soft and round jaws.

Peruse the chart below and choose the diameter
that suits your chuck and boring needs.

Dillon Manufacturing Boring Rings
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Part #



H Height

Pin Ø

Pin H

DMBR-04 4.488 1.339 0.472 0.512 0.354
DMBR-05 5.512 2.362 0.472 0.512 0.354
DMBR-06 6.614 3.150 0.472 0.650 0.354
DMBR-08 8.853 4.528 0.472 0.728 0.354
DMBR-10 10.157 5.906 0.472 0.728 0.354
DMBR-12 12.441 7.402 0.591 0.886 0.354
DMBR-15 14.961 9.055 0.787 1.220 0.630
DMBR-18 18.275 11.812 0.787 1.220 0.630

Adjustable Boring Rings


Adjustable boring rings from Dillon Manufacturing allow customers
to use a single boring ring to bore a range of chuck diameters
while still getting all the same benefits of the diameter specific boring rings.

For information on our adjustable boring rings,
refer to the table and images below.

Dillon Manufacturing Adjustable Boring Rings
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Part #

< AØ (OD)


H Height

Pin Ø

Pin H

W Width

L Length

Jaw Stroke

Max Gripping (LBF)

Max Speed (RPM)

DM58FD 6.693 3.937 1.024 0.512 0.276 0.748 2.402 0.291 3307 800
DM610FD 7.874 4.921 1.024 0.642 0.315 0.748 2.402 0.291 3307 700
DM812FD 9.764 6.299 1.220 0.720 0.315 0.945 3.150 0.335 3858 600

Our boring rings and adjustable boring rings offer many benefits including:

  • Suitable for CNC lathe
  • Ideal for machining soft jaws
  • Attaches to front of jaws without any tools, eliminating “jaw lift”
  • Applies equal pressure on all jaws
  • Without discs or bungs used to clamp jaws, thorough boring of jaw is possible
  • Self centering

Below, you’ll be able to find more information about each of our jaw boring rings. For additional details, download our online catalog or get in touch with our team today!

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Each product outlined above is available to order, and can be used as a component in your company’s warehouse or factory. When you place an order with our team, we’ll make sure it’s quick, accurate and priced competitively.

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