Claw Jaws

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One of our workholding products at Dillon Manufacturing is claw jaws. These hard claw jaws offer safe clamping and maximum grip for your turning operations.

About Our Claw Jaws

Our claw jaws are designed to supply extra bite into the workpiece, providing increased holding power. The optimized clamping contour of our claw jaws supply a secure grip to the workpiece, while jaw weight and the jaws’ lower center of gravity combine to minimize a reduction in clamping forces.

Key advantages of our claw jaws include the following:

  • Since our maximum force jaws are manufactured from 8620 steel, these claw jaws provide essential durability and a long service life

  • The extensive product range is ideal for I.D., O.D., and bar clamping applications

  • Our Dillon claw jaw system is available for most chuck brands

  • Optional rest buttons allow for setting up different clamping depths

  • Ideal for turning applications in any industry

In addition to all of these factors, working with Dillon Manufacturing means receiving a competitive price, benefiting from fast delivery, and acquiring reliable workholding parts that provide long service life that will reduce your tooling costs.

More Products from Dillon

Along with our claw jaws, Dillon Manufacturing can also supply a wide range of chuck jaws and other workholding products, including:

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