Dillon Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in producing a wide variety of custom full-grip chuck jaw solutions. Our team can produce custom full-grip jaws in special diameters, special materials, and any configuration that works best for you.

With this in mind, we can manufacture many types of special full-grip jaws. Our new large diameter full-grip jaws give you the ability to configure them to larger heights and diameter options. And with the different height and diameter options, you’ll be able to easily specify the dimension necessary for your next project.

Through our full-grip jaws and other workholding solutions, we can give you a matching serration location exactly perpendicular to the slots, and a solid gripping surface that will provide more friction for drive and reducing distortion.

Dillon Manufacturing’s special full-grip chuck jaws are available in A356 aluminum, 6061 aluminum, 1018 steel, and cast iron. Our jaws are delivered quickly and will save you money.

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The Types of Full-Grip Jaws We Offer

Want to Learn More About Our Full-Grip Chuck Jaws?

To learn more about our offerings like our special full-grip chuck jaws, check out our chuck jaws overview video. You can also visit our Dillon Manufacturing videos page on YouTube to see videos on an array of topics, including reversible hard jaw sets, our dedication to customer satisfaction, and more.

Beyond Full-Grip Jaws from Dillon Manufacturing

Do you want to expand outside of full-grip jaws and add more products? Check out all of our other selections too.

Need more details about our products? We have an online catalog for in-depth information and product specs.

Why Choose Dillon Manufacturing for Full-Grip Jaws?

What makes us different from other manufacturers? We are focused on providing the best products and first-rate service. With Dillon, you will find:

  • A skilled and experienced staff that will inspect all of our products for quality
  • Competitive rates for high-quality materials
  • An excellent computer system to track production materials
  • ISO 9001:2015 registration
  • Capabilities to work in a variety of industries
  • The largest selection and most complete line of workholding products

Not to mention, all of our products are made in the USA. This adds a level of quality that many other manufacturers simply can’t compete with. Check out our overview video to learn even more about us as a company.

You can also read up on our blog and press release page for recent news in the industry, developments at Dillon, and much more!

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