Custom Special Hard Jaws from Dillon

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At Dillon Manufacturing, we specialize in manufacturing a range of custom hard jaws and workholding equipment. Our experienced team can create custom hard jaws from hardened steel, formed to the specific dimensions you need for the job.

Our line of special hard jaws includes serrated chuck jaws, hard jaws for lathe chucks, hard chuck jaws, and more. Our custom hard jaw options include the following:

What Separates Us from Other Manufacturers of Hard Jaws?

At Dillon Manufacturing, we strive to deliver the best products along with superior customer service. When you work with Dillon, you can expect:

  • An ISO 9001:2015 registered company
  • American-made products you can rely on
  • High-quality materials at a competitive price
  • Quick and reliable shipping across the U.S.
  • An integrated computer system that tracks plant production
  • A team of experienced engineers ready to answer your questions throughout the entire manufacturing process

Benefits of Choosing Dillion Special Jaws

Dillon Manufacturing is your destination for Dillion special jaws. Not only are we a group of knowledgeable manufacturers, but our products promote productivity and efficiency across all operations they are utilized in. When you choose Dillion special jaws, you can benefit from the following:

  • Extra-wide hard jaws – Used for maximum contact per penetration and offering ground-locating surfaces
  • Tapered angle, serrated surface jaws – These jaws mirror the internal draft angle of the part to be machined
  • Customization of diameter – Hard jaws can be crafted to grip and locate parts’ outside diameters to complete your project with ease
  • Extended-length hard jaw options – Our products can be constructed to grip small to medium diameters with three locating diameters, allowing the machinist flexibility and quick part changeover
  • Big bore extended hard jaws – Features an angle cut made on the top of the jaw for weight reduction and tool clearance
  • Combination chuck availability – Jaws include threaded holes for reversible rest buttons that can grip both interior and outer diameters

Beyond Special Hard Jaws

Dillon Manufacturing offers a wide variety of American-made jaws and workholding products to meet all of your turning needs. In addition to our custom-made hard chuck jaws, serrated chuck jaws, and hard jaws for lathe chucks, we also provide the following work holding solutions:

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