As professionals in the manufacturing sector, the team at Dillon Manufacturing is able to create high-quality serrated key type jaws using the latest tooling and machining technology. With a proven quality record and next-day delivery options available, the team at Dillon is ready to handle anything you need, and we’d be happy to work with you and your company on a custom order today.

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For your convenience, our serrated key jaws come in a variety of widths, heights and diameters. In addition to the standard 1018 steel and 6061 aluminum material, other materials available include 1045, 8620, and stainless steel, along with brass, aluminum, nylon, and a variety of tool steels.

Once you’ve established the material you’d like to work with and whether your chuck is equipped for acme or square serrated key, you can then begin to choose from the following within our catalog:

  • Soft Jaws
  • Full-Grip Jaws
  • Hard Jaws
  • Jaw Nuts
  • Custom and Special Jaws
  • Acme Serrated Master Key
  • Square Serrated Master Key

From there you can match your slot width, bolt spacing, and screw size to the proper jaw for your chuck from the Dillon Manufacturing, Inc. catalog. To assure that our jaws will fit your chuck correctly, Dillon jaws are manufactured within the scope of American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard (ASME-B5.8-2001) assuring standardization of the various elements relating to standard acme key and square key chuck jaws and their accessories.

To view our full line of acme and square serrated key jaw types, as well as instructions on placing orders for specific materials, click on each of the boxes above.

Once you’ve browsed each of our available options and are ready to make a purchase, you can reach out to our team in a variety of ways:

  • Online Form– A short form directly on our website
  • Call –Give us a call anytime for further assistance at 800-428-1133
  • Fax –Our fax machine number is 800-634-6480
  • Email –Send us an email at

Our representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products, the order process, and more. We look forward to working with you soon!