Reliable Power Chucks for Your Operations

For a precise power chuck that can be utilized for universal applications, choose from the selection provided by Dillon Manufacturing. Our power chucks and chuck jaws are made in the USA, are available in both in-stock and custom varieties, can be heat treated to almost any specification, and more.

If you’re looking to decrease the cycle times of your equipment, save energy, and keep your essential operations moving, Dillon Manufacturing’s power chucks are your best bet.

Our Power Chucks

Dillon’s power chuck options include the following:

  • HS Standard 3-Jaw High-Speed Open-Center Chucks
  • HS-A 3-Jaw High-Speed Open-Center Chucks with Adaptor
  • HST 2-Jaw High-Speed Open-Center Chucks
  • HST 4-Jaw High-Speed Open-Center Chucks
  • HSL 3-Jaw High-Speed Open-Center Long-Stroke Chucks
  • MH Mega Bore 3-Jaw Wedge-Type Open-Center Power Chucks
  • MHT Mega Bore 2-Jaw High-Speed Open-Center Chucks
  • MHF Mega Bore 4-Jaw High-Speed Open-Center Chucks
  • HCH Standard 3-Jaw Open-Center Chucks
  • HCH-A 3-Jaw Open-Center Chucks with Adaptor
  • HCHT 2-Jaw Open-Center Chucks
  • HCHF 4-Jaw Open-Center Chucks
  • HC Standard 3-Jaw Closed-Center Chucks
  • HC-A 3-Jaw Closed-Center Chucks with Adaptor
  • HCT 2-Jaw Closed-Center Chucks
  • HCF 4-Jaw Closed-Center Chucks
  • HCL 3-Jaw Closed-Center Long-Stroke Chucks
  • HCLT 2-Jaw Closed-Center Long-Stroke Chucks
  • HCLF 4-Jaw Closed-Center Long-Stroke Chucks
  • MCA Stationary Pneumatic Chucks

The Benefits of Dillon Manufacturing

When you choose Dillon for your power chuck jaws and power chucks you get the advantage of working with dedicated, experienced professionals who are adept at delivering quality parts.

We offer competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and essential technical input. Additionally, we are ISO 9001:2015 registered and our company has both stock and custom parts in place, all helping to ensure that you get the exact components you need.

Contact Us for Power Chucks

Ready to start utilizing efficient power chucks in your facility? Reach out to our team today with any questions!