Chuck Jaws for Welding Applications

chuck jaws for welding

In almost every industry, workholding equipment performs an essential function – in the welding industry, chucks and chuck jaws are not only vital to the success of the weld, but they are paramount in ensuring the safety of the welder.

It’s imperative that both chucks and chuck jaws for welding are designed and manufactured to be reliable and durable. At Dillon Manufacturing, we deliver American-made, high-quality chuck jaws and chucks that supply safety, precision, and reliability in the welding industry.

Dillon Manufacturing’s Chuck Jaws for the Welding Industry

When welding, you should be able to operate with the peace of mind that the materials and products that you’re working on will stay securely in place. With our welding chucks and chuck jaws, we provide just that.

Our selection of chuck jaws for welding and welding chucks include:


All of our chuck jaws are available in a range of options such as hard, soft, or full-grip jaws. Additionally, our extensive product charts are able to provide you with key product information for all of our welding chucks and chuck jaws.

3-Jaw Welding Chucks

The 3-jaw chuck for welding is one of the most common styles used in welding applications and offers reliability and versatility. Some options include:

In addition to our range of 3-jaw chucks for welding, we offer 4-jaw chucks which can be ideal for irregular or large work items.

Custom Welding Chucks and Chuck Jaws from Dillon

We treat every order with precision and care as we adhere to order deadlines and perform product quality checks, which is why we’re the best choice for your custom chuck jaw needs. In the process of manufacturing custom chucks and chuck jaws for welding, we’ll provide approval prints and certification of materials. If needed, we can also heat-treat materials.

Custom chucks and chuck jaws for welding can be manufactured to specific lengths, widths, and heights, and can be custom bored, turned, or shaped as well.

Why Choose Dillon Manufacturing for Your Chuck Jaws and Chucks?

In addition to our competitive pricing, high-quality products, and quick turnaround times, you benefit from the following when you choose Dillon Manufacturing to provide your chucks and chuck jaws for welding:

We also have trained and experienced staff members who ensure that every product meets your specifications and needs.

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