Chuck Jaws for the Aerospace Industry

Nearly every field requires a level of precision to ensure operations continue on unabated and products are crafted and distributed safely and efficiently. Few industries, though, necessitate precision quite the way that the aerospace field does, since anything faulty could lead to major problems and potential hazards.

If you’re in the aviation or aerospace sectors and are looking for chuck jaws for aerospace applications, know that you’ll receive the robust, reliable equipment you need when you partner with Dillon Manufacturing. Our team has extensive experience supplying workholding products for diverse industries, including aerospace. Read on to see all Dillon can provide.

Dillon Manufacturing’s Chuck Jaws for the Aerospace Industry

Whether you are working with interior or exterior components of an aircraft, or you need to alter or amplify tools you utilize as part of your processes, the chuck jaws for the aerospace field that Dillon supplies can deliver the quality and precision you need for repeated operation.

Our diverse aerospace chuck jaw and workholding part product line includes:

All of these chuck jaws for the aerospace industry are available in a variety of styles and options, including soft jaws, hard jaws, full-grip jaws, and more. Plus, our handy product charts help you to find parts that are perfect for your applications, featuring information on:

  • Part numbers
  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Height
  • Width
  • Slot width
  • Bolt spacing
  • Screw size
  • Pitch
  • Tongue width
  • Thread size
  • Heel height
  • Type
  • Set
  • Height from chuck face
  • Key slot width
  • Slot depth
  • Pad number
  • D. range
  • Master collet number
  • Jaw stroke
  • Max gripping (LBF)
  • Max speed (RPM)

No matter what you are searching for when it comes to chuck jaws for aerospace parts, Dillon Manufacturing can surely provide. And the fact that we can supply custom chuck jaw options means that if you have a special request, our team can assess your needs and get to work crafting the perfect product.

Benefits of Choosing Dillon for Aerospace Chuck Jaws and Assorted Products

When you partner with Dillon Manufacturing for chuck jaws and more, you get the advantage of working with an industry leader that has the knowledge and experience needed to deliver quality products every time. Additionally, key benefits of working with the Dillon team include:

  • Receiving products made in America
  • Partnering with an ISO 9001:2015 registered company
  • Quick turnaround times and delivery
  • In-stock and custom jaw options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Technical input readily available during the manufacturing process
  • Heat treatment and metal finishing to nearly any type or specification
  • Full computerized tracking of materials and production

Contact Us for Aerospace Chuck Jaws Today

Ready to acquire precise and reliable chuck jaws for your aerospace applications? Reach out to the Dillon team today and we can help you assess your needs and get you the ideal products you’re looking for. We look forward to working with you.