Dillon Is Your Go-To Source for Hardinge Chuck Jaws

Chuck jaws play such a vital role in typical day-to-day operations and that’s why you need reliable solutions that last and deliver results. At Dillon Manufacturing, we value quality and convenience, so we supply a wide selection of products for various brands, including our jaws for Hardinge chucks.

Dillon Manufacturing’s Line of Jaws for Hardinge Chucks and More!

Our team is dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience and that involves making sure you get the products that meet your needs. By having one of the largest selections of workholding products, Dillon Manufacturing is sure to have what you’re looking for. As a one-stop supplier, we are proud to offer various products, including:

We also offer chuck jaws that can be used interchangeably with various competitive brands. When it comes to our selection of Hardinge chuck jaws, we are happy to supply these products:

Why Choose Dillon Manufacturing for Hardinge Chuck Jaws

In addition to our extensive line of products, when you work with Dillon, you’ll receive a host of benefits. Some of the qualities that make Dillon Manufacturing stand out in the industry include:

  • All products made in the United States
  • ISO 9001:2015 registered company (ISO 9001 standard)
  • High-quality products at competitive prices
  • Computerized system for tracking materials and production
  • Effortless online ordering and delivery process
  • Heat treatment and metal finishing to almost any specification or type
  • Knowledgeable team ready to provide technical input throughout the manufacturing process

As you can see, at Dillon Manufacturing we work to ensure that we’ll exceed your expectations in both our service and products.

Any Industry Can Benefit from Our Hardinge Chuck Jaws

At Dillon Manufacturing, we’ve built a national reputation as a premier manufacturer, and with that we’ve had the luxury to work with a wide selection of clients. Whichever industry you’re in, our products help give your company that competitive edge, while also making your job easier.

We’ve delivered products to boost productivity and efficiency in the operations of industries such as:

  • Medical
  • Restaurants
  • Plumbing and air conditioning
  • And more!

In order to help you find the perfect parts for your application, we have our expert staff available for questions, along with easy-to-understand product charts. These charts provide information regarding part numbers, screw size, length, and more!

Maintain Your Hardinge Chucks and Jaws with Dillon Grease

We understand how your products’ performance affects operations in your business. In order to ensure longevity in your Hardinge chuck jaws and chucks, you’ll want to use our Dillon Grease. This premium, high-performance, lubricating grease makes your products capable of handling high loads and gives them long-term protection.

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