Informational Guide to Bison Chucks

At Dillon Manufacturing, we have a national reputation as a premier manufacturer for high-quality chuck jaws, and our premium products come in both standard and custom models. When it comes to Bison chucks, choose Dillon Manufacturing to provide you with the best jaw solution. We are dedicated to offering you an affordable price with high-quality service.

Applications for Bison Chucks Jaws

Bison clamping technologies enable precise machining, faster cycle times, and cost reduction. With reliable and high-quality clamping systems, Bison offers exceptional workpiece stability.

Bison chucks offer a range of options and applications for lathe work. The chuck jaws, made from 1018 CRS steel or 6061 aluminum, are designed to provide a secure grip on the workpiece. With various makes and models available, Bison lathe chucks serve numerous purposes and are versatile in their usage.

  • Milling operations  Milling machines are used for horizontal machining. In this process, Bison chucks play a crucial role by securely holding the machined part.
  • Grinding operations – Bison chucks are used during grinding operations to provide firm gripping and stability, thus making sure that there is no movement during the grinding process.
  • Drilling and boring – Drilling and boring operations require precise and steady movement to ensure optimal results. Bison chuck jaws are essential in achieving maximum machine accuracy by securely holding the workpiece. This action ensures not only efficiency but also stability throughout the drilling and boring process.
  • Turning operations – A turning operation occurs when a workpiece needs to be machined in a specific way such as during straight turning, taper turning, profiling, or external grooving. Bison chucks assist in the precise rotation of the turning operation. 
  • Inspection and measurement – All facilities are required to meet requirements as far as inspections and measurements are concerned, and Bison chuck jaws can also be used to hold machinery in place for these types of assessments. 

Our Chuck Jaw Options for Bison Lathe Chucks

The chuck jaws that Dillon Manufacturing can offer you for Bison chucks will serve a variety of industries, and our line includes American Standard Tongue & Groove chuck jaws.

We also supply a lubricating grease for essential maintenance of our chuck jaws. This product can be applied easily and neatly. With its mechanical stability, high-load-carrying capacity, and its extreme water resistance, this product will help with long-term protection.

Why Choose Dillon Manufacturing for Your Bison Chuck Jaws

Our line of jaws for Bison lathe chucks serves as a versatile solution for your applications. We consistently provide the highest-performing products at an affordable price.

Some of the advantages to our Bison chuck jaws include:

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • ISO 9001 standard registered
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Speed and delivery options
  • Experienced team to provide technical input and customer support

Other Dillon Manufacturing Products We Offer

The list of products that we supply includes:

If you are interested in learning more about jaws for Bison chucks and our other products, be sure to check out our full catalog!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bison Chuck Jaws

Can Bison chucks be modified or custom made?

Yes, Bison chuck jaws can be modified in many ways including customizing the jaw profile, size, and shape, as well as by adding special features. When inquiring about a custom-made Bison chuck jaw, note your chuck diameter and chuck model number and Dillon will provide the matching jaws.

How durable are Bison chuck jaws?

Considering that Bison chuck jaws are made of either 1018 CRS or 6061 aluminum, they are extremely durable and offer optimal strength.

Can Bison chuck jaws be used with other brands?

Bison chuck jaws are used with Bison chucks. In all instances, Bison chuck jaw products are compatible with all another brand chucks jaws. Consult with the Dillon Manufacturing’s sales staff with any concerns.

What are the different types of Bison chucks?

Bison technology tries to keep pace with innovation and the latest trends tailored to the most demanding needs. Clamping technology covers a wide range of solutions. Bison specializes primarily in high-quality lathe chucks(manual and power), clamping jaws, and vises.

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When it comes to high-performing jaws for Bison chucks, Dillon Manufacturing offers the solutions you need. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

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