Dillon Manufacturing Is Your Go-to Source for All Types of Round Jaws

At Dillon Manufacturing, we are your dedicated chuck jaw manufacturer for jaws of all types, shapes, and sizes. We provide high-quality, reliable products and accessories, all proudly made in the USA. Our chuck jaws and other various products are used across a diverse range of industries for many different applications.

It is our goal to manufacture chuck jaws that can help to increase productivity and efficiency in the operations of our customers. Whatever your turning needs may be, Dillon has the largest selection and most complete line of workholding products in America.

Continue reading to learn more about our round chuck jaws and the other chuck variations we offer at Dillon Manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Round Jaws

What are round chuck jaws?

Round or wrap-around jaws are special power clamps used to hold and secure machined parts in place during the machining operations of thin-walled parts such as bearings. Due to the potential for distortion, thin-walled parts require minimum jaw force and round jaws will distribute the gripping pressure over more surface of the workpiece.

What are the benefits of using round jaws?

Some key benefits using round chuck jaws in machining operations include:

  • Distortion – This style jaw will reduce distortion, and because it grips almost the entire part it will increase chuck drive momentum against the cutting tool.
  • Versatility – These parts are designed to hold various sizes and accommodate different diameters.
  • Efficiency – Efficient set up and prompt changeover between workpieces let you increase productivity.
  • Accuracy – Minimal vibration and movement brings improved accuracy via these parts.

What industries are round full-grip jaws used for?

Round jaws, or wrap-around jaws, can be utilized in various industries, including:

  • Tool and die
  • Electrical work
  • Machine tools
  • And many more!

What materials can round jaws be made out of?

Round jaws can be made out of steel, aluminum, and brass.

What specific round chuck jaws do you offer?

Some of the round jaws we offer include:

Round Chuck Jaws and More from Dillon Manufacturing

At Dillon Manufacturing, we serve as a one-stop supplier to the workholding industry producing chuck jaws, hard jaws, full-grip jaws, keys, boring rings, and more.

We specialize in the manufacturing of various chuck jaw types including round chucks, round full-grip jaws, round soft jaws and other round jaw variations. Dillon offers a full catalog of our extensive product lines available for purchase. The catalog features chuck jaws, boring rings, collet pads, and more. Our products include:

Whether you are in need of round jaws for new applications or as a replacement, Dillon Manufacturing has exactly what you’re looking for.

In addition to our reliable workholding products, Dillon also offers high-performance lubricating grease for product maintenance. It is capable of handling high loads and providing long-term protection under hostile conditions.

Discover the Dillon Difference

At Dillon Manufacturing, we have remained an industry leader in manufacturing reliable chuck jaws for workholding applications. Our team is committed to offering the best service available and highest-quality products on the market.

At Dillon, we stand out from other workholding manufacturers for more reasons than one. Some attributes that set us apart from other round jaw providers include:

  • All of our round jaws and other products are made in the USA
  • ISO 9001:2015 registered (ISO 9001 standard)
  • Fast delivery capabilities
  • Heat treatment and metal finishing to almost any specification
  • High-quality products available at competitive prices
  • Fully integrated computer system that is able to track materials and production throughout the plant
  • Custom jaws available to order
  • Committed team of experts to help you through every step of the ordering and manufacturing processes

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Dillon Manufacturing is your go-to source for any type of chuck jaws. We uphold our national reputation as the premier manufacturer of standard and special chuck jaws and accessories using our Dillon Chuck Jaw brand. Our products are high quality, feature competitive pricing, and are American made.

If you are looking for round hard jaws, round soft jaws, or any type of round jaws, Dillon Manufacturing has the products for you. Our extensive product line offers options to meet the needs of any workholding application.

Reach out to our experienced team today with any questions. We are readily available to assist you!

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