10 Ohio Manufacturers with Products Made Entirely in the USA

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As an Ohio company crafting USA-made products, we wanted to celebrate other businesses like ours in the area that have dedicated themselves to being American-made while offering the utmost in quality. Here are some places you should check out if you are interested in buying USA-made products.

1. Homage

Are you a fan of specialty T-shirts related to your favorite Ohio sports teams? Then you are sure to have heard of Homage! This Columbus-based T-shirt manufacturing company is widely popular throughout the entire state, and even across the U.S., with celebrities and sports professionals alike sporting their goods all over social media.

2. Akro-Mils

This tooling storage manufacturing company is based out of Akron and has been making USA-made products since 1947. From carts to bin racks to shelving and more, they are a great resource that you can rely on for your warehouse or facility.

3. Rogue

You may recognize the name Rogue from your local gym, as this Ohio manufacturer specializes in a wide variety of fitness equipment. Most of their products are made for strength training, including the growing and popular CrossFit industry.

4. Little Tikes

You know that red Little Tikes car with the yellow roof that you grew up with or maybe bought for your own kids? It was made right here in Hudson, Ohio. Little Tikes manufactures kids’ furniture, toys, and products that last a lifetime!

5. Brillo

This major brand that supplies products found in just about every household, calls London, Ohio home. Their company started all the way back in 1917 and they made the move to Ohio in 1921, building quite the name for themselves in the scrubbing pad and greater kitchen goods industry.

6. Backyard Buddy

Backyard Buddy manufactures car lifts that fit right in your garage! Producing their products in Warren, Ohio, they are “one of the largest and oldest freestanding lift manufacturers in the country.”

7. 50 Strong

This great manufacturer located in Lima, Ohio was founded by an engineer and an attorney. Together, they have created a brand focused on protein shakers, water bottles, bike accessories and a variety of other goods dedicated to those with an active lifestyle!

8. Anchor Hocking

This glassware company has roots in Lancaster, Ohio dating all the way back to 1905. From dinnerware to food storage and more, Anchor Hocking manufactures a large selection of beautiful glassware for customers all over the nation.

9. Wilson

Many are unaware that the footballs they see on their TVs every week, and at every Super Bowl, are made in Ida, Ohio. As the most popular and notable brand in the industry, Wilson’s dedication to being a USA-made company is inspiring!

10. Bully Tools

Bully Tools has successfully been manufacturing “100% USA-made” products since 1994 in Steubenville, Ohio. They have a great variety of in-house services such as product design, heat treating, robotic welding, plasma cutting, tempering, stamping, and powder coating.

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