Made in the USA: All of Dillon Manufacturing’s Products Are Produced Right Here in the United States

USA-made chuck jaws

If you didn’t already know, all of our chuck jaws are made in the U.S., which adds a level of quality and detail that you just can’t find at other manufacturers. Keep on reading to see what makes our American-made jaws stand out from those offered by other vendors!

Our Variety of Chuck Jaws Made in the USA

We offer a wide selection of American-made jaws for you to choose from and also have custom made options available. Check out our selection below.

Chucks and More

Specific Sized Jaws

Dillon Grease

We also produce our own lubrication grease in-house that is specially made for our chuck jaws. Its water-resistant formula is perfect for a variety of industries and offers long-term protection for a range of hostile conditions.

What Separates Dillon Manufacturing from Other American-Made Jaw Manufacturers

Here at Dillon, we are focused on making sure our customers not only get the best products, but also quality service as well. Here are some of the things that we can offer you alongside our chuck jaws that are made in the USA.

  • A skilled and qualified staff that inspects all our products to make sure they meet your needs
  • High-quality materials at competitive rates, with optional metal finishes and heat treatments available
  • A smart computer system that tracks production and materials, along with staff members available to help walk you through and understand our processes
  • A selection of popular jaws in stock for your convenience with a variety of delivery capabilities on a short timeline
  • ISO 9001:2015 registration

Who Is Dillon Manufacturing?

From having distributors all over the nation to providing high-quality, reliable chuck jaws, at Dillon Manufacturing we do our best to encompass everything that customers would look for in a trusted chuck jaw company.

Check out this exclusive look inside our company to get some more details on who we are as an American-made jaw company:

Learn More About Us from Our Press Releases and Blog Posts

We recently started a blog that features relevant manufacturing news, insights on developments happening at Dillon, and more!

And to read more about the events and releases we have had in the past, head over to our press releases page.

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